2019 ONCJC Board Members


2016 Board Members

From left to right:

Delbert S., Ruth M., Bob P., Maria M., Cheryl M., Bennie R., Carol K., Jeff P., John I.

Bennie R.


Bob P.


Carol K.
Vice President

My love of music began at age four when I got my first “record player;” a plaid fiberboard machine with a carrying handle. As a natural progression by the time I hit my teens I was spending my allowance and babysitting money on vinyl and dancing up a storm.

It wasnt until 2003 that I took my first organized couples dance lesson. A guy I had been dating asked me to take swing dance lessons. We had seven weeks of single time swing. Later that year a friend told me about ONCJC which was still at the Cuyahoga Falls Moose.

In 2004 I became a full-fledged member of the Club. I have taken lessons from Bruce and Cheryl, Tim Brown and many others. My love for dancing continues to grow along with my love of ONCJC!

Cheryl M.

I began dancing in 1998 in the country circuit doing line, couples, and two stepping. A few years later, I was informed that right down the street from our country dance place is a Moose Club that has a Jitterbug dance every Wednesday”. The next week I came to check it out and have been here ever since. I loved the friendliness of the people, the style of dancing that was being done, and the music being played by the deejays.

Since joining ONCJC, I have served in many capacities. Dance instruction chairperson, co-teaching dances with my husband, chairing and co-chairing several committees have kept me busy. In 2007 I became a trustee on the Board, serving in that capacity until 2010 when I accepted the Vice-Presidency. Five years later, I was honored to be elected President of this fine organization.

My husband and I travel to several different dance conferences a year. When asked where we dance and to what club do we belong, I am proud to say I am a member of Ohios North Coast Jitterbug Connection.

Delbert S.

I grew up in Streetsboro, Ohio where my father had a small home and stable for Thoroughbred horses he owned and trained.

I have been dancing all of my life, going back to the square and round dances in Portage County throughout the 50's and 60's and thoroughly enjoyed the cake walks. As a lad of 9 years old, my parents decided their 4 children should learn to ballroom dance where at the age of 9 years old I mastered, as much as a 9 year old could, the box step and fox trot; learned a little cha-cha and polka.

During lunch hours in grade and middle school the girls would meet in the library and play 45RPM records that required slow dancing with a boy; therefore when all of the boys were at recess playing baseball and such, I was in the library dancing with the girls that had aqua net hair spray just thick as molasses that would make my face break out; but I enjoyed the dancing and gained a great deal of confidence to ask a girl to dance whereas the other boys always stood on the side lines during school dances afraid to ask any girl themselves.

I am very comfortable dancing, I just have really bad knees that began with a military injury compounded by being a roofing contractor and so I struggle at times. I love the social atmosphere that is inherently positive within the ONCJC dance club and proud to be a member.

Jeff P.

My interest in dancing began while living in Connecticut. There I took beginning ballroom lessons for a year and enjoyed them. Returning to Ohio I did not dance for several years until I learned about ONCJC. Although I will remain a permanent remedial student for John and Penny, I thoroughly enjoy East Coast swing and hope to master other dances soon. The hospitality and friendship extended to me prompted my willingness to volunteer. Serving as the club secretary for almost the past two years is rewarding and enjoyable and has given me the opportunity to make many new friends. Working with Linda on membership and with our door greeters is and continues to be a way to meet many more club members and to encourage visitors to join. Thanks to all.

John I.

What can we say, it's John. Bio will be added soon.

Maria M.

My love of dance began early on with Lawrence Welk and dancing with my mom in our dining room. My mom would take me to Latin dance clubs, which encouraged family socializing since I was a little girl. I have won several line dance championships and was a major line dance instructor for a Michigan dance club, The West Michigan Boot Scooters.

I have shared the dance floor with my husband, Steve, since meeting on the dance floor July 4, 1997. He took me to the Boot Scootn Saloon several times before it closed. It was there I met many ONCJC club members who also attended our wedding reception at the Stow Lodge where our spring dance is held.
I attended ONCJC dances after Steve relocated to Ohio in 2010 and formally joined the club in late 2013 after retiring from my job in Michigan and joining Steve in Ohio.

As an ONCJC club member, I appreciate the many friends I have gained. Steve and I sometimes teach beginner classes on the upstairs dance floor and, as many of you know, teach many dance styles downstairs. I have chaired and assisted with club events and participated on committees. I am the current Newsletter Editor. If elected as a trustee, or not, I will continue to spread my love of ONCJC and dance to all I meet.

Ruth M.

Ruth has been a member of ONCJC since July 2015. She was born and raised in the Youngstown area and currently resides in Tallmadge. She has been married to her husband Richard for 30 years, and they have 5 children.

Along with dancing, she enjoys running, biking, crafting and being with family and friends. Ruth holds a degree in American Sign Language Interpreting. She currently works as a technician at the Davis Eye Center.

Ruth hopes to introduce and encourage the love of dance to future generations to help insure the longevity of the ONCJC.


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