Welcome to ONCJC, now in our 23rd year of dancing and fun.

Refer to this site for information about ONCJC, club events and events sponsored by other American Bop Association (ABA) member clubs, You will also find newsletters, schedule of events, directions and more.

**** NOTICES ****

ALL ONCJC events have been canceled untill further notice.

This pandemic has brought on many changes to our lives, both voluntary and mandated. The ONCJC is no exception and the Quirk Cultural Center has remained closed during this time and is not available for Wednesday night dances. We will notify you when these dances will resume and of any policy changes made by the board for the safety and wellbeing of members and guests. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Although we remain cooped up like chickens in a hen house, you can check out the More Info page for dance links where you can still enjoy the fun and exercise of dancing.

We have considered the option of organizing virtual dances, but understand other clubs have tried and experienced difficulty with the quality of sound due to feedback from multiple devises through the internet.

The photo gallery includes many photos of club members wearing ONCJC apparel. Please check out the link on the About Us page to get your own.

Want to know what it takes to maintain and support a club? Read this letter by Renee Harris Baker of the Association of Carolina Shag Clubs.

See more photos in the Photo Gallery.

As stated in the newsletter, all future dances have been canceled and the Quirk Cultural Center remains closed until further notice. The website will be updated and an email will be sent out when dances resume. Hope you keep dancing, stay safe, distant and please do your part to ensure this pandemic ends as quickly as possible.

As a special reminder, many of our members are cooped up on their own and have not been able to socialize for weeks with family or friends. Please reach out often using messenger, face-time or other online ways to place video calls. Thank you.

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Who is ONCJC

Our membership consists of a wide range of dancers ranging from age 21 and up. Can't dance? No problem! Our Wednesday night dance includes beginner dance lessons, from 7:00 to 7:30 PM, to kick-start you on your way to regularly scheduled more advanced lessons. Advanced lessons are available at the same time on the main floor. If you are not in our area, visit the ABA website and you may find a club that is near you.

Want to have fun on and off the dance floor. Our calendar lists many club sponsored Wednesday, holiday and weekend events, such as our Soup'er Bowl night, Ice Cream social, Summer Picnic, monthly birthday celebrations and so much more; each of which is put together by club member volunteers. As a part of an all volunteer club, we hope you will participate in helping put together one or more of these events. The below photos are examples of what the club is all about:

Night Club 2 Lesson with David

Night Club 2 Lesson

Penny & John with the newbees

Beginners in Training

What a great group

2017 Fall Dance at Stow Heritage Barn

Do we have your attention? Interested? If yes, download the above membership application form and bring it with you Wednesday night. Have more questions or want to contact us, email info@ONCJC.org.

We have a GREAT time dancing, socializing and making new friends! We would love to have you join in the fun and joy of dance.

For questions and feedback on the web site, email webmaster@oncjc.org